Automobile Accident Insurance

Automobile Accident Insurance is nothing but the basic Auto Insurance. Every auto Insurance is meant to cover accidental insurance claim.

Liability Insurance which is a part of Auto Accident Insurance is mandatory for the automobile driver of forty seven states in USA. Liability Insurance takes the liability to repay the medical bill of bodily injury to the other driver or passenger of the other car or any bystander and repairing cost of the property such as the other driver’ s car, house or fence damage caused by the accident. And in fifteen states in America in addition to this liability automobile insurance, Personal Injury Protection insurance which is popularly known as PIP too is required. Personal injury protection insurance covers the payment of medical bill for injury of the policy holder himself or herself. In some states in USA Comprehensive Auto Insurance is required too. Comprehensive automobile insurance is another part of automobile accident insurance. This insurance monetarily helps the policy holder in case of a road accident when the policy holder’s car is damaged beyond repair and the person has to replace his or her old car with a new one and the person does not have enough fund for that.

Automobile Accident Insurance is not the same throughout the USA. It depends upon the law of respective state. Each state of America has its’ own set of Car insurance law and the automobile Accident Insurance of that particular state is made keeping in mind the law of that state. So, every state has its’ own type of this insurance. Which mean America has around forty seven types of Car Accident Insurance. Not only the required coverage area differs in different states of America, which dictates the change in auto insurance policy but also the basic coverage amount differs too, that is another deciding factor for changes in auto insurance policy.

When a Car owner thinks to buy a policy for his or her car, he or she needs to know the law of his or her state in detail and also to know what exactly he or she wants to get out of his or her automobile insurance. Once a person knows these two clearly buying an Accident Insurance is not a problem.

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